We ought to expect better!

Fed up with poor customer service?  Hours spent trying to get through to “Customer Service”?  Being sent round and round in circles?  Having to put up with shoddy support?

Yes, we’ve all been there.  I’m so fed up I’m going to post my moans here and then link them into the offedning organisations Facebook pages – that tends to get a quick response.

So here are my documented moans and groans – if you’ve got one of your own, send it to me and I’ll post it and copy it to the relevent places.  Even if we don’t get a reponse, it will be cathartic!

1).  British Telecom and their inability to get the address for my telephone and broadband line correct.  This is a corker lasting almost 30 years … and it’s still on going.

2).  The Electricity supplier from hell – yes, I’m talking about Scottish Power.

3).  Jessops and UKMAil – a fatal combination if ever there was one.