Three Years Behind the Camera

The story of Minety Rugby Club

2015 – 2018

It was soon after my son, Dave, joined the junior ranks at Minety Rugby Club that I began to appreciate what a special club it was.  The place exudes friendship and conviviality and I was drawn in by the welcome that we received and by the encouragement that Dave was given in training and during matches.  The commitment of people like Dan Thomas (the year group coach), Cliff Garland and Dave Bull and many others was very impressive.

I turned up at training sessions, unable to contribute anything other than encouragement and to help put out cones for practice drills.  After watching a couple of games I took along my trusty Panasonic Video camera and filmed a match.  I put it onto a DVD and suggested that the lads might like to watch it after their next training session.  It was an immediate success, attendance at mid-week training rocketed and I was soon filming all of the matches and then updating the fledgling junior section website.

The highlight of those halcyon days was when the Under 17s team won the Dorset and Wiltshire Plate on a mud bath of a pitch at Minety against Bournemouth.  What a game, and what memories.  We managed great press coverage and the video was shown time and time again.

But all things come to an end and although Dave made a brief appearance for the 1st team in a game at Swindon, when he departed for university “oop north” and the rest of the team went their separate ways to work and college, my involvement lapsed.

Until one evening in early 2015 when I picked up the telephone to hear Cliff’s lilting Welsh tones… Dave would soon be returning from university and Cliff was looking to form a team of background staff for the start of the 2015 – 2016 season.  Would I be interested and if I was, would I be prepared to film the matches, like I used to and perhaps write some reports for the press?  It didn’t take long to say yes.

At the first pre-season practice I was introduced to: Andy Ward, coach for the coming season; Dave Peirce, the newly elected Club Chairman; Andrew Hibbard, known to everyone as Wallace, the club captain; and many of the players.  It felt as if I had never been away – the atmosphere was still there, the Minety atmosphere.

The irony of today’s life style is that we can record so much, whether it be on film or on a website or in the press.  Yet, we are so careless with those memories.  DVD’s are lost or left in the sun until the data breaks down; newspapers are read and the re-cycled; and web pages disappear into a digital void after a matter of weeks.

And so the reason for this tome; a chance to make the past three years at Minety just a little bit more permanent.

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ISBN 9780244084714
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Publisher Bustard Productions
Published 1st June 2018
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Pages 262
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