Thomas Mapplebeck: “Merchant Adventurer”

This book is currently being researched and written.  It is an amazing story of a quite remarkable man.

Thus far, the story includes:  his growing up in Liverpool; working in pre 1st World War Hamburg; being wounded at the 2nd Battle of Ypres; recuperating in various hospitals including the remarkable one run by Mrs Barney Barnato; training as an RFC pilot; being shot down and taken prisoner; organising escape parties at three different prisoner of war camps; organising the repatriation of hundreds of POW’s at the end of the war; joining the economic mission to Yugoslavia after the war; 5 wives; and his involvement in the Coup and subsequent escape after the German invasion.  And that’s just for starters!

Copyright Peter Mapplebeck & Bustard Productions 2016

The work is dedicated to Peter Mapplebeck (1932-2016), Tom’s son.

“A great friend and a true gentleman.”