Poetry & Writing of the 1st World War


My grandfather fought in both the Boer and 1st World Wars; he never spoke of his experiences. When he died we discovered a box containing letters, photographs, press cuttings and his medals. Since then I have tried to piece together his war time record.

When I tried to teach secondary aged children about the poetry of the 1st World War many found it hard to grasp the enormity of it all, until I bought in my grandfather’s memorabilia – suddenly it all clicked. I tried to find a book that would combine the history of the Great War with the poetry and the poets, but couldn’t find one.

So I set about writing this book. Including all of the Great War poems in their context, the book also features a section on the materials my grandfather left and also some research that I have recently done into his family history.

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ISBN 9781326468507
Edition 3rd Edition
Publisher Graham Cooke
Published 04 November 2015
Language English
Pages 136
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
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