Malmesbury Nostalgia 2014

1).  Video taken of the 2014 Malmesbury Carnival procession.  The missing sound has now been fully restored.


2).  Derek Tilney.  Derek has been a stalwart of Malmesbury Carnival for many years.  We caught up with him at his house and filmed him as he talked about the Echo Christmas parties, Carnivals of the past and the time that Longleat Park leant him a lion for the Carnival Procession.


3).  The major project for the 2014 Carnival presentation from Bustard Productions was called “Talking Heads” or “In Discussion with …”  (we preferred the former).  In it, we interviewed 12 notable or noteworthy characters from Malmesbury life.  This is the resulting film:


4).  WOMAD Festival – Friday 25th July 2014. Friday documentary, filmed for Malmesbury Carnival, featuring performances from Linnea Olsson, Magic Drum Orchestra, [su:m], Mari Boine and Goran Bregovic and His Wedding and Funeral Orchestra. Friday 24th July 2014.


5).  Saturday 26th July 2014. Film documentary of the second day of the WOMAD Festival featuring performancs by: Martin Simpson and Dom Flemons; Anna Cinzia Villani and Macuran Orchestra; the brilliant and crazy Muyayo Rif; and the serene Mulatu Astake. Headline act Youssou N’Dor is featured in part 4.


6).  Sunday 27th July.  The main attraction for me was the chance to see Zimbabwean legend Oliver Mtukudzi at 3pm on the main stage.  Sadly, problems on the motorway meant that his slot was cancelled with just minutes to go.  However, all was not lost; he did appear on site 50 minutes late and we were told he would do his set on the smaller Charlie Gillett stage at 11pm.  About 20 people were there an hour before the scheduled set.  Oliver came out to do the sound check, engaged in conversation with all of us and decided that rather than do a standard sound check, he and his band would do a mini concert just for us.  This is the film of that impromptu concert and part of the official set that followed.  Marvellous.


7).  Saturday night.  Headlining on Saturday night on the main stage, Youssou N’Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar. We waited all day .. and it was worth it. Apologies about the sound breaking up at various times – the volume up front was immense.