Malmesbury Nostalgia 2012

1).  Flooding in Malmesbury.  Very short summary film sent to the BBC covering the severe flooding in Malmesbury, Wiltshire after another night of torrential rain. Sunday 25th November 2012.  This film was used, in syndicated form, across the world and resulted in Spanish friends ringing us up from Madrid having seen it on Spanish TV later that day.


2).  The full set of recordings taken of the flooding in Malmesbury in November 2012, used by the BBC as part of the news in the UK and around the world. Friends in Spain were amazed to see some of this footage broadcast on Spanish TV news.


3).  BBC’s “The One Show” featured a small piece on the flooding in Malmesbury in 2012. This is the excerpt from the programme, presumably taken from a recording made by the BBC, hence the time stamping.  Broadcast and recorded on 19th December 2012.


4).  In 2012 Bustard Productions joined forces with Steve Cox to film a series of interviews with Malmesbury residents about their love of the town and their memories of living in it.


5).  Malmesbury rock band “Case Study” open the 2012 SherstonFest Music Festival.


6).  WOMAD 2012 highlights.  A brief visual documentary of the 2012 WOMAD festival held in Charlton Park in late July 2012, as presented to Malmesbury Carnival’s “Malmesbury Nostalgia” event in August 2012.