Malmesbury Nostalgia 2011

1).  Film of the Malmesbury Carnival procession in September 2011.


2).  “Through a Bustard’s Eye”.  A sampler, which was sold to raise funds for Carnival, made in 2011, capturing elemtns of life in and around Malmesbury in 2010 – 2011. The film includes snippets from: 2010 Firework night; Late Night Shopping 2010; Mayoral Concerts; The Royal Wedding celebrations in Shipton Moyne; WOMAD 2011; The Ride of Respect; Minety Rugby Academy in Cup Final action; The Kite Festival; Malmesbury School’s Operation Raleigh to India project; Malmesbury Carnival; the Bustards (Bob and Graham in concert) and more.


3).  1st part, of a 2 part, video diary of the 2011 WOMAD Festival held at Charlton Park between the 29th and 31st July 2011.


4).  Concluding part of the video diary of the 2011 WOMAD Festival.


5).  Bustard Productions / Malmesbury Nostalgia’s presentation to Malmesbury Carnival in 2011 based around The King’s Speech.


6).   Film, presented to the 2011 Carnival of the Petticoat Lane event of August 2011.


7).  Kes Smith introduces his special keyboard accompaniment to Buster Keaton’s silent classic “The General” in St Mary’s Hall in Malmesbury in August 2011 as part of Malmesbury Carnival.


8).  Malmesbury keyboard player Kes Smith accompanies Buster Keaton’s silent movie “The General” as part of Malmesbury Carnival 2011 at St Mary’s Hall.


9).  The Ride of Respect.  10,000 motorbikes in 5 hours from Hullavington to Wootton Bassett, via Malmesbury, in Wiltshire on 3rd April 2011, raising money and awareness of our troops in Afghanistan.


10).  “Bob Browning – Craftsman”.  Malmesbury historian and artist, Bob Browning talks about his latest craft works including stunning walking sticks, Welsh “Love spoons” and “Driftwood” pictures and sea scapes in January 2011.


11).  “Bob Browning – Driftwood Master”.  Malmesbury historian and artist Bob Browning has produced these wonderful pieces of art from driftwood.


12).  Mayor Patrick Goldstone presented the Malmesbury Music Academy and Malmesbury School Music in a special “Mayoral Concert” in Malmesbury Town Hall on the 5th February 2011.


13).  2nd half of Mayor Patrick Goldstone’s Mayoral concert featuring performers from the Malmesbury Musicv Academy and Malmesbury School. Recorded on 5th February 2011.


14).  Malmesbury School’s “Frock Band” played live at Malmesbury Abbey as part of a short season of live evening musical concerts. Recorded on 21st April 2011.



15).  Malmesbury School’s “Frock Band” played live at Malmesbury Abbey as part of a short season of live evening musical concerts. Recorded on 21st April 2011.



16).  In July a group of students from Malmesbury School travelled to Southern India as part of an Operation Raleigh challenge.  This is the film that the volunteers from Raleigh made to celebrate the Malmesbury students’ efforts.



17).  As part of the 2011 Malmesbury Carnival, a Kite Festival was staged in a field at Whychurch Farm, with views over the town and Malmesbury Abbey. This is the short film presented at a Malmesbury Nostalgia / Bustard Productions event for Malmesbury Carnival in August 2011.