Malmesbury Nostalgia 2000 – 2007

1).  Carnival 2006.  A short film, made up of photographs taken of the Great Pillow Fight, organised by Mayor John Lawton, and the Carnival procession for that year, held on the first Saturday in September.



2).  In 1970 Bob Browning moved to number 2 Cowbridge Cottages on the outskirts of the Wiltshire town of Malmesbury. He became so fascinated with the grand old house behind his garden that he wrote a book about it.. In this video Bob takes us around what remains of Cowbridge house telling us about its illustrious past including the essential role it played in World War II as the home of the development of RADAR. Bob Browning a local author , historian & collector of interesting coat hangers created a series of whimsical & informative talks for the annual town carnival in Malmesbury. This film was made by Fred Goudie and Bob for the latter’s ‘Malmesbury Nostalgia’ talk in 2007.


The “Malmesbury Moments” series were created for the 2012 and 2013 Malmesbury Nostalgia / Bustard Productions events for Malmesbury Carnival.  In response to our request for Malmesbury related materials, we were given a lot of old VHS tapes.  We managed to extract films from these tapes and digitised and cleaned them up as best we could.

3).  In Moments 1 we see: “Burial under the cinema” from 2002; Misery at Fairford; Flying High over the Avon; and a radio interview with Malcolm Trobe, then headmaster at Malmesbury School.


4).  In Moments 2 we see: The safest town …; Excerpts from the 1935 Malmesbury Carnival film; Wind turbines in Malmesbury; the Carnival Banner Controversy; Whistling glasses; Malmesbury Cheese; and the Naked Gardeners.


5).  In Moments 3 we see: Minety Village Hall; White Lion Park play area; Radar and Malmesbury; “All very Hush, Hush!”; and coverage of the Horsefair explosion in April 2007.


6).  In Moments 4 we see: Malmesbury and Lacock Abbeys; The smoking ban in pubs; Malmesbury schools at WOMAD; Womud at WOMAD; Clothes Optional; and the “Potting Shed” controversy.


7).  Malmesbury Carnival Procession 2004.  Film of the Malmesbury Carnival Procession filmed in early September 2004 and presented at a Malmesbury Nostalgia / Bustard Production event for Malmesbury Carnival some years later (we can’t remember when).


8).  Bob Browning: Hangerman.  Edited highlights of an ITV Meridian broadcast of The Antiques Trail from 2000, copied from a VHS tape given to us and then digitised and used as part of the Bob Browning Tribute evening in 2016 for Malmesbury Carnival.


9). Graham Purches of the BBC takes a cycle ride around Malmesbury, Castle Combe and Westonbirt Arboretum.  No dates for when this was broadcast nor what programme it was part of, but we found it attached to the end of a Time Team special about the Wittington dig.  Only 5 minutes, but quite fun.