Malmesbury Nostalgia Pre 1960s

1).  The full, scripted, presentation of the story of the 1939 Malmesbury Carnival, as presented at the 2013 Malmesbury Nostalgia / Bustard Productions Carnival event, telling the story of the 1939 Carnival, based around materials loaned to us by the family of the late Jim Gilmore, a stalwart of Malmesbury Carnival.


2).  Malmesbury Carnival 1935.  Bennett Kingston’s film of the 1935 Malmesbury Carnival.  High quality (in comparison with other sources) of Kingston’s film of the 1935 carnival wtih Carnival Queen Vera Jones crowned, the parade (in rather wet weather), the funfair, children crowded onto a lorry and an elderly gentleman, doffing his cap to the camera and wiping his brow.  Film care of the Huntley Film Archive.